Restorations Productions, Inc.



A young soldier wakes up buried alive. He struggles to remember who he is, how he got there, and his inability to leave.


Byron wakes up buried and digs himself out. At first, he doesn’t know who he is – or how he got there. He’s unable to physically leave the burial site. As he begins to remember his friends, he’s able to go to two of them. As he tries to fill them in, he soon realizes that they can’t see or hear him. When he sees his fianceĆ©, Tara, it all comes to him. She had convinced him to take leave and to secretly come to town. While together in their special place, she killed him. Shocked, hurt, and betrayed, he seeks his revenge on her, but every time he acts in anger towards anyone he encounters, he ends up in his grave.

Being stuck in the afterlife has its advantages though. He harnesses his ability to move around and listen in on others’ conversations. To his dismay, his devastation only deepens as he finds out that Tara killed him because she was pregnant with his best friend’s (and mentor’s) child.

At his lowest point, he meets a mysterious little girl that knows what’s holding him back and how he can be free and move on. Now, he has a choice: Forgive and move on to the afterlife…or stay tormented in a state of anger and bitterness in a grave forever.